Connecting the European gas market

PRISMA is Europe’s leading gas capacity trading platform. With the ability to serve a high number of TSO backend systems, PRISMA provides a single platform through which TSOs and shippers may auction transmission gas capacity at primary and secondary market level respectively.

A unified platform


Connected markets


Network points


Shipper companies

2,5+ mn.

Auctions & Transactions

The platform is designed to handle harmonised capacity products and offer auction mechanisms in accordance with the CAM Network Code. Forward-looking by nature, PRISMA seeks to adapt its services to the needs of its users and the market through providing state-of-the-art online technology. Working together with its partners and market users, PRISMA aims to be a key facilitator of the European gas market integration process.

Trading capacities has never been easier

Easy access to the European capacity market.
Single shipper registration for all participating TSOs.
One tool for primary and secondary trading capacity.
Detailed overview on all bookable network points and available transport capacity.
Detailed overview on all bookable network points and available transport capacity.
First come first served (FCFS) bookings for primary capacities that do not have to be auctioned.
Possibility to buy and sell natural gas transport capacity on the secondary market.
Surrender of capacity.

Start booking and trading now!

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Talking Agile with Statoil

PRISMA is always open to new ideas and feedback. We welcome any opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience, whether it be in the gas industry, our platform, related to IT

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PRISMA welcomes new chairmanship of the Shareholder Meeting

Leipzig. As of 22nd March 2017, PRISMA’s shareholders elected a new chair to lead the Shareholder Meeting of PRISMA. Gaetano Mazzitelli, Executive Vice President for Regulatory Affairs at Snam S.p.A.,

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ENTSOG informs about the first demand assessment for Incremental Capacity in 2017

Incremental capacity process The amendment of the CAM NC foresees provisions for an incremental capacity process. The amended CAM NC is expected to entry into force in early April 2017.

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