An easy-to-use solution for capacity trading on PRISMA

The PRISMA platform not only offers auctions for monthly, quarterly and yearly capacities, gas traders can also acquire short-term transport capacity by participating in day-ahead and within-day auctions. While long-term auctions may last for several days, day-ahead auctions take place in a single bidding round which means that all relevant information needs to be submitted by the shipper in a single bid.

Connecting your IT systems to the PRISMA platform via our API helps to mitigate the challenges of the short bidding window of day-ahead and within-day auctions. With the interface, shippers can eliminate manual input errors and increase their efficiency. The PRISMA API provides secure and reliable data exchange of relevant platform information, such as network point information, auction data, bid information and bid confirmations.

  • Significantly reduced handling through greater automation
  • Improvement of data quality due to the reduction of manual entry errors
  • Improved audit compliance due to automated booking confirmations
  • Non-discriminatory and automated access to the PRISMA platform
  • Easy handling of a high number of capacity auctions

Several Shippers already use the connection successfully in their daily operations


Check the technical specification

The documentation of the PRISMA API is available in an interactive online version, that is publicly available.


Activate the service

The service is offered to every shipper registered on the PRISMA platform. To ensure non-discriminatory access to the service the contract is provided as standardized agreement, that ensures the same terms and conditions for each market participant.
The service can be activated by the administrator of your company.


Use the service

No need for setup of firewall configuration or exchange of certificates. You can use the interface directly with the secure token that is provided to the administrotor of your company.


  • Stateless data
    The new API provides you much more flexibility in accessing your data. No need to be there when PRISMA will push you information. Instead, you can request all your data at a point in time that is convenient for you.
  • Maintain your own connection
    You are changing your datacentre or want to use the API from a different location? Don’t worry, you don’t need to tell us about it. The connection is secured independently of firewall configurations.
  • No third-party software or licenses required for you
    You don’t need to contract any third party software to connect to and operate the PRISMA API.
  • Retrieve master data for
    • TSOs
    • Network points
    • Market areas
    • Balancing Groups
    • Portfolio Codes
    • Auction Calendars
  • Retrieve your contracts for
    • Auctions
    • Secondary trades
    • FCFS bookings
  • Submit bids for auctions
    • Short Term (DA, WiD)
    • Long-Term (Month, Quarter, Year)
The current revamped PRISMA API v2 will be available for you to connect and test during Q1/2019. As of then you can start the migration on your side.
This depends heavily on the availability of IT-resources on your side. In average customers adapt and connect to our API within a few weeks. The fasted so far was somebody who “[…] did it over the weekend, […] as it was rainy anyway.”
  • We will cease the existing contracts for the “PRISMA Automated Shipper Interface” by End of Q2/2019.
  • In due time before that we will publish the updated Term and Conditions for the extended “PRISMA API”.
  • No need for paperwork. The service can be switched on by an admin user of your company, once it is released.
  • Yes. The current pricing of 1,400.00 EUR per month for the maintenance of the interface will not be applicable anymore. Furthermore, there will be no need anymore to maintain a dedicated licence for the PONTON messenger, to be able to connect to the PRISMA platform.
  • The new pricing scheme is currently being set-up, it will reflect a “tiered” approach to allow you to book the service level that fits your needs. Details about the pricing will be announced early next year.
  • Yes, you need to implement a ‘client’ application that can request and send data to the PRISMA platform. You can either adopt a pre-built one that is provided out-of-the-box of our online documentation or have it custom-developed.
  • There is no need any more for a proprietary software to connect to PRISMA.