REMIT reporting service

As an Organised Market Place (OMP) PRISMA offers its registered shippers to report their capacity bookings on the secondary market.

To allow the shipper to comply to its reporting obligations, PRISMA offers to compile the relevant trade data on behalf of the shipper and report it to the relevant recipients. Those recipients and the way of reporting can be selected by the shipper, to match its specific needs. The data can be reported in the following combinations:

  1. to ACER via XML files
  2. to the shipper via ACER XML files sent by email
  3. to the shipper via ACER XML files sent via the Automated Shipper Connection
  4. a combination of 1. and 2.
  5. a combination of 1. and 3.

Service Package A
REMIT reporting as part of PRISMA Automated Shipper Connection

no additional charge

Companies that are connected to the PRISMA Automated Shipper Connection, can choose to receive the data via their system connection directly to their back-end system. Apart from the monthly fee for the usage of the PRISMA Automated Shipper Connection, there is no additional reoccurring charge.

The data will be provided in the XML format foreseen by ACER. Forwarding the data to ACER is in the responsibility of the shipper.

Service Package B
Reporting data sent via PRISMA to both ACER and the shipper

125,-EUR p.m.

PRISMA will report on behalf of the shipper the relevant data to ACER via a direct automated interface. The shipper will also receive the relevant reporting data in a structured XML file sent via an eMail. The XML file will be in line with the format required by ACER.

Service Package C
Reporting data sent to one party only

100,-EUR p.m.

The shipper can choose if the data shall be reported either to:

  • ACER
  • The shipper itself as an XML file sent via eMail

If you are interested in reporting your Trade Data through another Registered Reporting Mechanism (RRM) please contact us directly.

Reporting Obligation

Market participants are required by the REMIT regulation to report their relevant capacity trade data generated on the secondary market on the PRISMA capacity booking platform as of 7 April 2016. These trade reports need to be submitted to ACER as soon as possible and no later than the following working day.

The REMIT reporting to ACER shall be facilitated by an approved RRM. The Implementation Act Article 6 foresees that Organised Market Places (OMP) like PRISMA shall offer data reporting agreements that report the capacity bookings on the secondary market. The market participant may choose one or several reporting solutions offered by RRMs.

The transactions of the primary capacity market will be reported by the Transmission System Operators or a designated third party RRM on behalf of them.

Back loading

REMIT Article 7 foresees the possibility to backload transaction data. Accordingly, market participants shall report details of all trades that are outstanding on the reporting start date within 90 days after the 7 April 2016. PRISMA will report those transactions on behalf of the market participants as part of the REMIT reporting service. The reporting will be performed for all users of the REMIT reporting service automatically, if the reporting agreement has been concluded before 24 June 2016. Market participant that have concluded the REMIT reporting agreement at a later point in time are asked to reach out to PRISMA to arrange to timing for backloading the respective contracts.

External trades

The REMIT reporting service has recently been extended to also allow reporting of secondary gas capacity transactions, that have not initially been concluded on the PRISMA platform. Users of the PRISMA REMIT reporting service can use this service extension free of charge. The specifics of the service are defined in the extension document which can be accessed here as a template: REMIT Reporting Schedule 6.


Yes, PRISMA has been approved by ACER as an RRM. To find PRISMA on the ACER list of approved RRMs, please enter the following ACER code in the search field on the ACER RRM overview: B0002657Z.DE
Yes, PRISMA is an Organised Market Place and stated as such on the ACER list of OMPs.
Being an RRM, PRISMA is offering to the market participants who are registered on the platform, Data Reporting Services to report the secondary market transactions for gas transportation contracts. Commodity based wholesale energy market or the utilization of LNG and storage infrastructure do not fall under PRISMA´s reporting scope.
PRISMA offers three Service Packages. Market participants who have an Automated Shipper Connection with PRISMA can choose to receive the relevant trade data through the Automated Shipper Connection free of charge. Market participants who are registered with the PRISMA platform have the option to either mandate PRISMA to report the relevant trade data directly to ACER or to report the relevant trade data to the market participant. Depending on the chosen option it is also possible to send the report to market participant and ACER.
PRISMA shall report relevant trade data defined as standard contracts and operated by the market participant on the PRISMA platform. The REMIT data reporting covers all relevant standard orders and contracts and lifecycle data as foreseen by the Implementing Act, Annex Table 4.The scope aims at all REMIT wholesale energy products as defined in Article 3 (1) (b) (ii) (secondary capacity platform) of PRISMA (“Relevant Standard Contracts”).
Our RRM Reporting Service does not incorporate trade data related to wholesale trade commodity products or data related to the utilization of storage and LNG facilities.
For all companies that have signed a reporting agreement with us, we already have reported the back loading relevant transactions to ACER.
The current configuration does foresee, that the REMIT reporting file will be sent the to person, that has concluded the transaction. In addition, a copy of this email can be sent to a second email-address. This can be configured by each user in her account settings. For details please refer to our Online Help.
Yes, PRISMA is obliged by §6 of the REMIT Implementation Act to offer data reporting solutions to the market participants registered on its platform.
Market participants are free to apply as RRM themselves or to choose other RRM to conclude data reporting agreements with.
First of all, we ask you to sign the data reporting agreement. You can download a template for the data reporting agreement as well as an order form from our website. If you wish to sign such an agreement please contact us at or send the filled order form to us. Since you are already a registered platform user, we do not need many additional supporting documents.
The data reporting agreement is a standardized contract and it cannot be changed. If you have any further questions please contact us.
The REMIT data reporting service is available and PRISMA has started reporting on 7 April 2016 as foreseen in the REMIT Implementation Act. Please be aware that setting up the necessary IT-communication might need some lead time.
No, PRISMA reports data to ACER only if a data reporting agreement has been signed with the market participant.
The market participant is responsible to report their transactions supporting their transportation services and trading activities on the wholesale energy market to ACER. Article 6 of the Implementation Act foresees that the market participants may choose to report themselves to ACER or to sign a data reporting agreement with a third party RRM to report on behalf of them.
We are offering to report on behalf of our TSO shareholders and associate members.

The Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) understands that in order to define reasonable steps to verify the completeness, accuracy and timeliness of the data, as laid down in Article 11(2) third subparagraph of Commission Implementing Regulation 1348/2014, a different level of control/verification should be performed by the big, medium and small size market participants.

ACER suggests that market participants should undertake a periodic verification of data samples at least on a quarterly basis, but at a higher frequency depending on the market participant’s size and/or volume of transactions in the relevant period.

In order to allow market participants to verify the completeness, accuracy and timeliness of the data, RRMs must have a mechanism in place to ensure that market participants can be granted access to the data submitted to ACER.

Please note that REMIT reports will not be accessible via the PRISMA platform, but through the following ACER Reporting Channels:

  • Automated Shipper Connection
  • Email to Shipper