Storage capacity marketing


Make your storage capacity accessible to an European audience

Comprehensive offer management

PRISMA provides a comprehensive framework to create different kinds of storage capacity products. SSO can track bidding activities in real-time and download the list of bids on a .csv format.

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Central market place

PRISMA serves as a capacity marketing platform for transmission and storage capacity, therefore it unlocks a broad base of potential customers to SSOs. Shippers have an easy access to available SSO capacities through the PRISMA platform.

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High security level

Your data and that of your customers is protected by a two-factor authentication. Our systems are certified by the German TÜV for their security.

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Public consultation

Individual interviews

Infrastructure operators are invited to reach out to PRISMA and address their individual needs towards a storage capacity marketing platform. PRISMA will gather the feedback and based on that develop an online survey that will be made available to European gas storage operators.

Public online consultation

An online survey will be made available to storage and infrastructure operators in March 2017 and is aimed to understand whether such services would see interest from the market on the long run.

Evaluation and report

The report on the evaluation results will be provided by end of April 2017.

See how storage operators benefit from using PRISMA to market their capacity

Comprehensive offer management

Tailored capacity offers

The capacity products can be configured with a huge flexibility in a web-based form. You can upload product relevant documents that are to be made available to the bidders.

Flexible bidding windows

Your products are only published to the market when you say so. You can also configure the time frames when bids should be accepted. This will all be managed by the PRISMA platform in a transparent way, without any hassle.

Easy bid management

See the bids as they come in - you are in control. The allocation of capacity is up to you. Just download the list of received bids and get in contact with your customers directly.

Simple reporting

Once the auction is finished - the product can still be accessed on the platform. During the pilot phase, we are not showing what has been marketed to the market. Would you like to show this information? Just reach out to us. We are happy to consider that for after the pilot phase.

Your contact person

Thibault Villedieu de Torcy

Are you interested in learning more about our service offering for storage operators? We have a small team of experts constantly working to gain the best understanding of your needs towards a central marketing platform for storage capacity.

From basic questions to complex regulatory matters - I am happy to discuss with you how a solution that is optimal for your specific case might look like.