PRISMA opens a public consultation on the upcoming GTCs of the PRISMA Platform from 1 March 2019


To improve the experience of our users, we intend to amend our GTCs for the use of the PRISMA Platform. To ease readability and ensure consistency, we have merged the two separate GTCs for Storage Users and the Use of the PRISMA Platform into one single document.

The new GTCs pave the way for a set of new processes and functionalities we would like to offer our users – most importantly a fully reworked registration and simplified user-management process via the new role “User Administrator”.

We also introduce specific regulations for UK users, as we want to enable our British customers to continue using the PRISMA Platform, despite Brexit.

To allow you to contribute to the development of the PRISMA platform and our General Terms and Conditions, we are running a public consultation. We are happy to receive your feedback on our proposed changes as of 13 December 2018. Please provide your input latest by 18 January 2019.

Please find below an overview of the main changes in our GTCs:

  • Incorporation of the GTCs for Storage Users;
  • Adaptation of the GTCs to make them applicable to EU and UK;
  • Re-structuring of the GTCs considering chapters, parts and articles;
  • New registration process;
  • New User Administrator;
  • Simplified contract termination process;
  • Wording review.

The deadline for receiving responses is 18 January 2019, close of business.