PRISMA within day auctions during the clock change on 26.03.2017


Please note that due to the clock change on 26.03.2017, the following changes will apply to the standard auction schedule:

  • On 25.03.2017, the length of the first within-day auction window starting at 19.00h (for the product runtime 27.03.2017 06.00h – 28.03.2017 06.00h will be one hour shorter. The auction window will close on 26.03.2017 at 01:30h.

  • On 26.03.2017 the last within-day auction will take place at 00.00h for the product runtime 27.03.2017 04.00h – 27.03.2017 06.00h. There will be no auction at 01.00h.

Please refer to the overview below for more details:

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