REMIT reporting service to be launched by PRISMA

  • PRISMA launches dedicated webpage for the REMIT reporting services


Leipzig. PRISMA, Europe’s leading gas capacity trading platform announces the start of the REMIT data reporting service on 7 April 2016, date which is foreseen in the REMIT regulation.

According to article 6 REMIT implementing Acts, PRISMA is considered an Organized Market Place (OMP). In this role, the platform needs to become an official Registered Reporting Mechanism (RRM) for the secondary capacity transactions (public offers and concluded trades will be both reported). PRISMA has already initiated the registrations process for becoming a RRM so that it can start reporting in due time.

Market participants are required by the REMIT regulation to report their relevant capacity trade data generated on the secondary market on the PRISMA capacity booking platform as of 7 April 2016. These trade reports need to be submitted to ACER as soon as possible and no later than the following working day. In a first phase, REMIT Article 7 foresees the possibility to backload transaction data.

The REMIT reporting to ACER shall be facilitated by an approved RRM. The Implementation Act Article 6 foresees that organized market places like PRISMA shall offer data reporting agreements that   report the capacity bookings on the secondary market. The market participant may choose one or several reporting solutions offered by RRMs.

The data can be reported via PRISMA platform in the following combinations:

  1. to ACER via Edigas files
  2. to the shipper via Edigas files sent by email
  3. to the shipper via Edigas files sent via the Automated Shipper Connection
  4. a combination of 1. and 2.
  5. a combination of 1. and 3.

To facilitate the access to the relevant documents, PRISMA has launched a dedicated page on its corporate website which aims to gather in a single place all the necessary information related to the PRISMA reporting service.  Market participants can also find here, details on the service packages offered by PRISMA:

Furthermore, the page answers some of the most asked questions and offers the possibility to download the standard reporting agreement.

PRISMA reminds that it will report only the market transactions for the gas transportations contracts, transactions for commodities or storage do not fall under PRISMA’s reporting scope. 

The transactions of the primary capacity market will be reported by the Transmission System Operators or a designated third party RRM on behalf of them.


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